Just when I'm about to kill my son Alex (he had a note sent home from his teacher because he mooned some kids in the hallway . . . he thought it would be funny . . . and he's a had abad attitude and been fighting with his brother non-stop) he figures out the commutative property of addition, all on his own-- it's like he knows when he needs to do something really cute or clever to avoid being thrown into the wilderness.


rob said...

no offense, but mathematicians figured that property out a long time ago. i'm sure alex is a great kid, though. i'll trade you a slightly insane 8 year-old for him.

Dave said...

you've got to take both for the trade to be worth it.

how is the blizzard?

rob said...

mostly fun, so far. i'd guess we've got 15 inches or so. you getting it this evening?

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