So I've been using my the patch of poison ivy on my forearm as a teaching aid (if you get the answer wrong, the threat is that I make you look at it up close, but no one has been subjected to this torture . . . I guess the method works) and it started kind of gross and bubbly, but now it has crossed the line into full suppuration-- I put my arm down on a napkin and I left a wet mark, which is beyond gross and into the repugnant neighborhood, and the pus is matting my arm hair as well, and I can't stop looking at it and in some strange way, I'm going to miss it when it's gone.


Whitney said...

I knew your poison ivy was getting into the pus stages. Someone tried to tell me that you weren't to that point with it yet, but I insisted, writing to them that "Dave is very pussy." And I was right!

Dave said...

ha ha.

true story: yesterday we were reading "harlem" by langston hughes and the word "fester" is in the poem and i asked what it meant and the kids didn't know, so i just held up my arm and pointed to the poison ivy. visual aid!

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