My Asus Gigabyte motherboard has some compatibility issues with my NVidia GE Force 9500 video-card, possibly because the video-card shares an IRQ line with the sound-card, and so I had to restore the Vista sytem to a previous date, lower the resolution and the refresh rate and switch the priority of background services because I was experiencing drop-outs during audio recording . . . and this, cross my fingers, has seemed to work so far; I have also placed three smooth stones from a chicken's gizzard (which I then coated with my own blood and chanted over for two straight hours) inside my DVD drive.


Al DePantsdowno said...

Sounds like good advice (other than the blood\stone thing). I would also check the settings for your page file. Excessive HD access can cause similar hesitation.

Dave said...

good point-- there were some instructions on that but they seemed really complicated. hopefully, i won't haveto get into it.

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