After a long day of running, skim-boarding, and beach soccer, I made the mistake of complaining about my bad ankle in front of my wife; she showed no sympathy, played the tiny violin, and wondered sarcastically what she should reply to my complaint . . . maybe something like, "I'm so sorry your ankle hurts, do you want me to rub it for you? You're so brave to continue vacationing while injured" but she was punished for her insouciance, the next day at "Boot Camp" on the beach she sprained her ankle, badly enough that the trainer drove her back to our beach house and made her keep her foot in a bucket of ice water until she nearly screamed and we had to take a trip to the medical clinic in Avalon for an x-ray . . . and though we contemplated gettin one of those giant bubble wheeled wheel chairs to get her down to the beach, instead I gave her a piggy back ride, which was fun on the first three trips, but after the pavement got hot and I had a few beers, it might have been ill advised.


lecky said...

where you running barefoot? SoD is nothing if not timely, but you should read this article in the Sunday NYT before you go native:


Dave said...

thanks for the article! i've been running barefoot at the gym on the basketball court for a few months, but now i bought a pair of very lightweight running shoes-- not the barefoot kind-- and i'm going to run in these for six months or so before i try going with the vibram ones, but mainly it's about running as if you WERE barefoot, so a very light, short stride which minimizes impact (and going rather slow) instead of thinking your feet are encased in armor and you can take huge strides and slam into the ground, so it's more about changing your mentality and form then running barefoot through new brunswick (and i scraped the balls of my feet off experimenting on the track)

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