Ian has discovered the joy of lying: last week at soccer camp he had five kids (all older than him) searching the playground for a yellow poison arrow frog-- and I had to break it to the kids that Ian might have been fibbing, and that poison arrow frogs are not indigenous to South Brunswick, New Jersey . . . although, oddly enough, later that day Ian did find a big crayfish in the muddy grass on the soccer field, which isn't as anomalous as a poison dart frog in New Jersey, but it's still pretty weird, so who knows, maybe he did see one.


kevy said...

more on the expos:

mgr: buck rodgers - greatest name for an 80's baseball man...

players you can't leave out:

Tim Wallach
Tim Raines
Andre Dawson
Gary Carter
Hubie Brooks
Andres Galarraga
Delino Deshields
Rusty Staub
Jose Vidro
Warren Cromartie


Steve Rogers
Dennis Martinez
Bryn Smith
Jeff Reardon
Tim Burke
Ugueth Urbina

Dave said...

i forgot about warren cromartie and hubie brooks and tim burke. but my list is only ten-- i put it on gheorghe today . . .

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