Pier 39 vs. The Raritan Yacht Club

Lately, my wife and I have been lucky enough to get some additional work running professional development workshops: Amazon flew my wife to San Francisco at the the start of the summer, so she could present on a math platform they've created and she uses, and they're flying her to Fort Lauderdale later this month to do several more presentations, and I got to present near a beautiful body of water as well, on three separate occasions . . . at Perth Amboy Middle School.


zman said...

You know Catherine is orders of magnitude smarter, cooler, better looking, and more presentable than you, right? So this sentence contains no surprise endings.

rob said...

i am filled with mirth at the notion of dave standing up in front of his peers as an expert. i know he's eminently qualified, probably overso (made up a word), but i can't stop imagining dave from 'the test' lecturing on various topics. try it. you'll enjoy.

Dave said...

More compliments awesome

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