I Did It!

Catherine comes home from San Francisco tonight, and while the house is a bit of a mess, I think she'll be pleased that both her gardens are watered and thriving, and the children are alive, nourished, and (relatively) intact . . . Ian has some ugly bruises on his arm from "birthday punches," but other than that, both boys look the same as when she left.


zman said...

I'm sure she's delighted by the patina of Mountain Dew and Cool Ranch Doritos all over the living room as a result of the week-long AD&D game you had going on.

Whitney said...

I do enjoy how low the bar is set in Dave's paternal performance evaluation. Then again, this is who Catherine married 17 years ago and pretty much the same guy she decided to take in from the Corner Tavern many years before that.

Dave said...

i watered the garden!

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