Spoiler: It's Better to Watch the Love Grow

There have been a number of academic studies indicating that people enjoy stories more when they are provided with spoilers, and I've got some empirical evidence to support this argument: a student in my Creative Writing class (a rambunctious little senior named Haley) told me that she always checks with Reality Steve to find out who wins The Bachelor before she begins watching, and when I asked why she would want to ruin the drama she gave me an incredibly fulfilling explanation: "then you can sit back and watch the love grow."


Whitney said...

I would imagine this is very true for Dave. When Dave doesn't know the big thing in a movie or show -- the spoiler, the twist, the answer, or whatever, he treats it like a puzzle he desperately needs to solve . . . and solve faster than anyone he knows. I remember he told me he was pissed off at the end of The Usual Suspects because they cheated him. They didn't present all of the flashback scenes as had factually occurred, so they messed him up and that didn't allow him to guess right and win. Meanwhile, I watched the end, and said, whoa . . . wow . . . awesome.

Dave said...

now when i watch the usual suspects, i just sit back and watch the love grow. i also ask a lot of questions during the show or movie when i don't know the plot twist, which drives my wife crazy.

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