Cheap Delights for the Gut and the Butt

Two good (but unrelated) local reviews:

1) Healing Points Acupuncture has done wonders for my lower back and hip-- it's surprising how relaxing it is to lie under a foil blanket in a warm room with a bunch needles in your back, butt, and calves . . . in fact, I almost always fall asleep once the needles are in (although when the acupuncturist inserts the needles, it often feels like an electric shock, which is supposedly a good thing) and what makes it even more therapeutic is that acupuncture is covered by my health insurance-- there's not even a co-pay;

2) Lucy's Restaurant, which is in North Brunswick, but right on the border of New Brunswick, has some excellent, unusual, and cheap Mexican (and Peruvian) food . . . the chicken mole, which is served on the bone, is fantastic-- the meat had obviously been soaking in the sauce all day and fell right off in tender chunks; the green sauce for the enchiladas is tangy and delicious; the kids loved their steak burritos, and everyone at the table enjoyed the empanadas and the sopes (which are open-faced sandwiches with spiced pork or chorizo, served on gigantic thick round crispy tortillas coated with bean paste-- delicious).


zman said...

Does the healthy acupuncture undo all the damage done by the unhealthy mole, pork, beef and fried dough?

zman said...

And I think Leaders of the New School are worth a try.

Dave said...

absolutely, the acupuncture gets the blood flowing and it just washes all that cholesterol and fat right out of your body! i will check out the leaders of the new school. they sound very old school.

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