Spacehog: Things Get Eponymous

A notable Topic of Interlocution at the Park Pub last night-- we attempted to determine the best eponymous song . . . in other words, the best song with the same title as the band that played it; here are some of the contenders:

1) "Bad Company" by Bad Company;

2) "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash;

3) "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath;

4) "They Might Be Giants" by They Might Be Giants;

5) "Minor Threat" by Minor Threat;

and there was only one song that was not considered; this song was brought to the attention of the panel by Roman, but despite the fact that it was Roman's name day, "Spacehog" by Spacehog was pronounced not only downright awful, but also very silly.


zman said...

Method Man by Method Man (which is on a WTC album but it's pretty much a solo track)?

Spode said...

Manowar! Born to to live forever more,
The right to conquer every shore,

Dave said...

there's a band called "manowar"?

Dave said...

wow. there is a band called "manowar" with a song called "manowar." that song is disqualified. spinal tap couldn't invent that.

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