Snow Snow Everywhere . . . And You Can Drink in It If You Have To

On the map, Westminster, Vermont looks fairly close to Bromley Mountain (Google Maps and my GPS say 22 miles) but we learned today that this is on dirt roads, which are passable if the weather is good . . . but once it started to snow folks along the way warned us that we'd better have a shovel and blankets if we wanted to get home later in the afternoon-- so we moved our lift tickets to Saturday and Sunday, stocked up on food and beer, and beat a hasty retreat back to the cabin at Windsor, and the snow has been falling all day and doesn't show any sign of letting up . . . we'll probably be snowed in tomorrow and, as an added wrinkle, the pipes appear to have frozen (or there's been a water main break) because we've got no running water . . . and we've got no cell-service, so we can't call a plumber or the town municipal office, but there's plenty of snow to melt if need be (for the kids) and I have beer and we showered last night, so I think we'll be okay (although I guess if anyone has to defecate, they're going to have to do it outside in the snow).


zman said...

Melting snow to drink is a brilliant observation. I've never understood why people stock up on water before a snow storm--there will be water all over the place! If you melt enough you can fill a bucket to flush your toilet. So you can move your bowels indoors and avoid frostbite on your delicates.

rob said...

no way! my aunt and uncle used to live in windsor.

Dave said...

that's right up the (dirt) road, we are by saxtons river and bellows falls. and we are flushing the toilet with snowmelt. i suppose we can scrub the dishes with snow as well.

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