O To Be A Young Punk

I'm always trying to think of age-appropriate monikers for my ill-fated, slow-moving music projects (Almighty Yojo, Greasetruck, The Density, Mister Truck, King Daveman, etc.) but if I were young and forming an edgy punk-rock band, then I'll tell you the name I'd jump on . . . and since I'm not young and I'm not forming an edgy punk band, I've decided to cede this name to whichever gang of young punks claims it first . . . and here it is: President Don and the Pussygrabbers.


Whitney said...

How about T-Rump and the Shakers?

Dave said...

why the shakers? is trump amish?

zman said...

That girl I used to rock, her moms was a Quaker.

Pussy Riot is big in Russia.

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