Dave Wins a Presidential Debate!

I am not a great debater . . . I tend to forget what want to say mid-argument, I am easily confused and side-tracked, I'm capricious and change positions when confronted with new evidence, and I'm always willing to go meta, but I am pleased to announce that Monday afternoon in the English Office I ended a dispute with resounding finality-- I actually said the thing I needed to say exactly when I needed to say it, not forty-five minutes later, to myself, in the car; so here is the situation: we were in the English Office, chewing the fat before our faculty meeting, and I was prognosticating about Trump and how he was going to reenact the same terrible things that happened during the George W. Bush administration: environmental deregulation and devastation, military misadventures, the use of torture, profligate defense spending, tax cuts for the rich and a resulting massive deficit, deregulation of banking and economic policy and the inevitable bubble and recession-- but Stacey and Cunningham barely remembered this, and they said that George W. was "so cute," because he's been doing portraits of wounded warriors and I told them they were nuts, and Stacey said, "How bad could he be? He's a painter" and I triumphantly slapped the table and I said, "So was Hitler!" and they conceded my authoritative victory, and we went down to the meeting.


zman said...

I thought you were going to say "The jerk store called and they're running out of you" or "I slept with your wife!"

Dave said...

they both ran through my mind . . . i slept with your wife would have been particularly funny to say to stacey

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