Ian Following Instructions . . . With Alacrity

My son Ian may not do a lot of things that we tell him-- e.g. brush his teeth, pick up his shoes, do his homework, practice his trombone-- and oftentimes, even when he does do what we tell him, he doesn't do it with alacrity, he does it SLOWLY, with the intent to passive-aggressively drive us crazy, but I will say this, there is one thing that he always does of which I am an annoyingly repetitive proponent: he runs through the ball on the soccer field, and now whenever I'm annoyed with him for not doing any of the things my wife and I tell him, at least I can look at these beautiful photos of Ian running through the ball, on the way to scoring a big goal (shot by South Amboy photographer Gerry Poland and kindly sent to me . . . thanks!) and I will remember that he does do one thing that I tell him (with alacrity) and that my advice often pans out for him.

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