Cult Classics . . . You Get My Drift?

During a recent recording session for The Test, we discussed the definition of a "cult classic" and the idea that cult classics might not even exist any longer (because of the easy access and ubiquity of everything "cult" on the internet) and we arrived at this conclusion-- a cult classic has to be relatively obscure and difficult to access, but not too obscure . . . because it has to last the test of time in this low-grade state of minor fame . . . when I was a kid, Monty Python and the Holy Grail was a cult classic, I had to track a copy down and buy it to see the film, but now, of course, the movie is world renowned, but a better example would be the satirical film Porklips Now, which I watched multiple times in high school and college; looking back, it's quite bad, but this is before the advent of YouTube, so I guess we didn't have much to choose from if we wanted to watch something beyond the pale of regular media: anyway, go four minutes and fifteen seconds in for my favorite bit of dialogue . . . so you go down and you find Mertz and you know . . . you go through the gate and you find Mertz  and uh . . . what he means is you find him and you know . . . you find Mertz . . . you find him . . . go through the Chinatown gate . . . you find him and you take care of business . . . you go through the gate . . . you get my drift?


Lecky said...

Thought this post would be about "Big Neon Glitter" or "Lil Devil"

Clarence said...

Hardware Wars was the same story.

Dave said...

i forgot that one! so much better than spaceballs.

fatguyinaspeedo said...

The Holy Grail was never a cult classic, it was popular when it came out, popular in the 80s and 90s and made into a musical in the aughts.

Clarence said...

Ouch. Take that, Dave.

Real cult classics

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Surf II
Toxic Avenger
Any John Waters film
The Grafenberg Spot

fatguyinaspeedo said...

Clarence is spot on but forgot Swamp Thing.

Dave said...

ok, good points-- the tromaville stuff came up in our discussion, and though we loved surf ii, i don't think the word "classic" should ever be attached to that piece of film.

fatguy may be right about monty python, though wikipedia does say: The film received a 97% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 71 reviews; the consensus states: "A cult classic as gut-bustingly hilarious as it is blithely ridiculous, Monty Python and the Holy Grail has lost none of its exceedingly silly charm."[22]

you're not going to argue with wikipedia are you?

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