I Did Not Receive a Tip

My son was begging me to shave his head for over a week, and-- from my (rather limited) understanding, my wife gave me no clear indication that I wasn't supposed to shave his head-- and I'm fairly sure that everyone in my family knew that I had no experience in the tonsorial arts-- but when I was getting out the scissors and the electric razor, no one told me explicitly to stop, and my son was quite pleased that I was taking the time to buzz him: so first I chopped off some of his hair with a pair of kitchen scissors, and then I shaved his head, and I honestly thought I did a pretty good job on the back and around the ears . . . but now my wife is mad at me because "it's too short" and makes our son "look like a skinhead" and I'll admit it's a little ragged and a bit uneven, and it is shorter than I intended . . . but what did she expect?


zman said...

If this is the worst thing you do to your family this summer then you're in for a fun and happy vacation.

Whitney said...

You may not have tonsorial expertise, but you definitely have experience. I can vouch for that.

Dave said...

in college, i gave whitney a flat-top! he wanted a flat-top, he knew i had no tonsorial experience, and he got exactly what he deserved.

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