New Slang (for Dave)

I've learned a lot of new slang in the past two weeks, from both the youth and the elders of society:

1) mansplaining . . . this is when a woman explains something and no one listens, but then a man explains it the same way, but LOUDER and people pay attention;

2) cut a bitch . . . as in "if this shizzle continues I may have to cut a bitch," which indicates that all other methods have been exhausted and the only alternative may be violence . . . I'm not sure if you can substitute "bee-otch" for bitch in this idiom;

3) lit . . . this means "off the hook" or extremely fun and excellent, as in "that party was lit" or "that eight AM literature seminar on The Great Gatsby was lit"

4) PMS . . . is an acronym that stands for Pointless Man Speculation . . . e.g. this blog;

5) shipping . . . is the desire to put two people (fictitious or not) in a relationship and I have no idea how to use this one in context . . . apparently it happens in fan-fiction, but I heard it used to describe reality . . . and you can "ship" for people to get together, so-- perhaps-- we were shipping for Mr. Burns and Smithers to finally get together?


rob said...

that's not what mansplaining means. this comment would be much more impactful if you were a woman and i'd pointed that out in a patronizing way.

00stoll said...

Rob is trying to say that you didn't define mansplaining properly.

Dave said...

oh, NOW that makes SENSE!

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