Like Father, Like Son

My son Ian had to write a "bio" poem for school-- and at first I thought this meant a "biology" poem-- but he told me that didn't make sense . . . although there is a great poem about biology called "Lines on the Antiquity of Microbes," and this is a very short poem so I will insert the entire thing inside this sentence:

Adam/ Had'em

but for this assignment, "Bio" is short for "biography" and Ian chose to write a "bio poem" about our dog Sirius, and not only is it fabulous (it even contains a pun, of which he is very proud) but it's also exactly one sentence long, and so I can append it to this rambling run-on:

Sirius the dog
Wishes to have a juicy, chewy, tasty steak waiting for him,
Dreaming to have a elongated beautiful tail that he’s missed since he was abandoned,
Who will never ever run away and if he does he’ll always come back,
Who wants to always to help the world around him,
Who wonders if he will ever get some shuteye on the couch with permission,
Who fears flowing water and being abandoned again,
Who likes falling snow, people, and tons and tons of food,
Who believes he can do anything and everything he desires,
Who sees us as a family that cherishes him,
Who adores me, Mom, Dad, Alex and everyone, except the evil poodle that lives down the street,
Who plans to live with our family until the world comes to an end,
Sirius, Sirius Black the bunny dog with a stub for a tail.


Lecky said...

Nice poem.

To continue yesterday's thread, Whitney is a combo of Todd Packer and Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec.

rob said...


Dave said...

definitely, on all counts.

Dave said...

ian was very proud of "waggish." he used the thesaurus

Clarence said...

Whitney is cool

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