A Good Summer (So Far)

Summer is my least favorite season-- too hot and sunny-- but I shouldn't complain . . . as there are only two requirements for having a good summer if you live on the East Coast:

1) you don't contract Lyme's Disease;

2) you don't mistakenly wade into a patch of poison ivy;

the rest is bonus, the beach trips and the pool barbecues, the hiking and the tennis, the paddle-boarding and the garden plot . . . you can't do any of these if you're bedridden, on antibiotics, and oozing pus.


Whitney said...

A teacher who doesn't like summer. Huh.

Dave said...

i like being off in the summer . . . i'd just rather be off in the fall. is there a job like that? pro-hockey player?

Whitney said...

Hockey starts in October. Lifeguard sounds about right.

Genies Alan said...

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