Funny How? Like a Clown? I Amuse You?

I have no problem with Constitutional textualist Ted Cruz enrolling in an Obamacare health plan-- though he staunchly disapproves of the Affordable Care Act and has argued that the plan should be repealed in its entirety--  because his wife is leaving her full time job at Goldman Sachs and and it's the financially practical thing to do: Cruz receives a subsidy for the health care . . . so it makes perfect sense . . . but I do have a problem with him seeing no humor or irony in his actions . . . it's got to strike him as just a little bit funny-- slightly amusing-- that he's willingly participating in the program that he's spoken so vehemently against (but maybe people who interpret the Constitution literally have trouble with tone, symbolism, and subtext . . . I hope he doesn't have to take the PARCC test).


rob said...

not to get all political up in here, but i can't vote for someone with no sense of whimsy. i also can't vote for someone who denies basic science, but that's for a different sentence.

zman said...

Cruz was born in Canada and will run for president. Yet he's a strict constructionist. Don't try to figure it out.

Dave said...

canada isn't part of the united states?

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