Evil Circus!

Slouching Beast presents "Evil Circus," complete with its own live-action music video; I guarantee it's some of the most evil evil-circus music ever recorded . . . but I'm not quite as keen on the video, which might be more aptly named "How to Make a Three Minute Music Video with Thirty Seconds of Film" but despite the lack of material, I think I got the most out of my son Alex's creepy Halloween mask (and the clown's weapon is a rock-pick, in case you were wondering).


Paul Pineiro said...

As opposed to the Family Circus. Now adding some screen shots from the comic strip might be fun. Like to see clown chasing those tow-headed goodie two-shoes

Nbell said...

That wasn't confusing at all

Dave said...

or maybe the clown could just stop and take his mask off and say "not me!"

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