I've been consuming loads of crime stuff: The Fall, True Detective, The Skeleton Road, The Fifth Witness . . . so you'd think my investigative skills would be on fleek, but the following mysteries in my life still remain unsolved:

1) two weeks ago, the garbagemen took the recycling on Wednesday instead of Thursday;

2) both my jump shot and my hairline have diminished on the same timeline;

3) even though Rudy was totally cheesy, it still made me cry.


rob said...

on fleek!

Whitney said...

Why are they the Toronto Maple Leafs and not the Toronto Maple Leaves?

zman said...

I think whit pondered that Sam ponderence years ago on the lammienet and not even Wikipedia can provide a suitable answer. I think it has to do with some Canadian super soldiers from WWI and Canada's generally poor grammar.

Dave said...

i was about to google the maple leafs but i decided better of it. i don't need that piece of information.

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