I've Seen the Future and It's Ridiculous

My children had their first Twinkie experience Friday night-- my wife's boss heard that they had never tried the quintessential processed treat and so she bought a box of them in order to corrupt their taste buds-- and my kids spent some time just soaking in the smell before they ate them, and while Alex held his Twinkie under his nose, he said to me: "this is the future, a Twinkie attached to a pair of glasses so it sits under your nose and you can smell it all day" and I almost pursued the discussion, but then I thought better of it and let him enjoy his greasy cream filled treat (when I was a kid, I preferred the Chocodile . . . which is a chocolate covered Twinkie and-- according to Wikipedia-- Hostess reissued them in 2014, but in a slightly smaller "fun-size," which seems like a weird appellation, because with something as delicious as a Chocodile, the bigger the better-- so a smaller version should be termed the "less fun" size).


00stoll said...

The whole point was that it "takes a while to eat a Chocodile". What was their slogan for the fun sized version?

Dave said...

it takes a while to go out and buy another chocodile (because the first one didn't fill you up)

Sammi Teo said...

They made it fun-size because there's more Twinkie surface area to be covered in chocolate. Thus you can eat more chocolate with fewer bites.

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