I Fixed My Car?

Although Zman claims that adding washer fluid to the reservoir "does not constitute fixing your car," I beg to differ -- before I put that fluid into the reservoir, my car no longer shot washer fluid onto the windshield, but after I did it, it did . . . and so I fixed it (actually, I'm willing to admit my logic makes no sense, because nothing was broken . . . this was more like changing a light bulb or putting a new roll of toilet paper on the spindle, but -- more importantly-- I now know that you've got a good three weeks between when the "low washer fluid light" pops up on the dashboard and when you actually run out washer fluid . . . so if you see that thing, it's not like you're low on oil or something important, and you don't have to rush out to get washer fluid).


zman said...

Does putting gas in the tank constitute fixing you car?

Dave said...

ok, i give up, i was wrong. did your byzantine navigation of our health care system constitute "fixing your wrist"?

zman said...

Only time will tell. Right now it definitely isn't fixed.

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