As American as Basketball and Enchiladas?

A recent study found that negative social media posts can have a domino effect on the mood of readers, sending them into a moody spiral of downbeat posting and grouchiness . . . but the opposite is true as well, and so I'm going to focus on something positive today to brighten the collective soul of the internet . . . while I know the expression is "as American as baseball and apple pie," I think I experienced something equally or even more wonderfully American on Wednesday night: I played basketball for an hour and a half-- a sport that is arguably now more American than baseball-- and then I came home and ate a late dinner of some insanely spicy and delicious home-made enchiladas (made by my Irish wife) while watching "Shameless" on Blu-ray on my giant HDTV . . . sports, deserved gluttony, Mexican food, and a big TV . . . you can't get much better (or more American) than that.


Clarence said...

Ha ha. Based on the first part of the post, I thought maybe you were going to say something nice and complimentary about someone. Ah yes, just telling everyone you have a big TV, a Blu-Ray player, and a lot of food. That there should pick up some people's spirits.

Dave said...

i picked up my own spirits! now i'll just sit back and wait for the chain reaction.

zman said...

And three wallets!

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