Sports: The Reason Why I Don't Invent a Bunch of Cool Stuff for the Internet

While reading George Packer's fragmented and arresting book about the fragmentation of America (The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America) I learned why I am not more like Peter Thiel -- who has a long list of entrepreneurial and technological achievements, among them co-founding PayPal-- because to get hired by Thiel you not only had to be "incredibly smart" but also "without distracting obligations like wives and children or time-wasting hobbies like sports and TV . . . one applicant was turned down because he admitted to enjoying shooting hoops."


zman said...

What's the point of making tons of money if you don't spend some of it on stupid hobbies? Does chasing women count as a hobby? If so then this clown only hires chaste workaholics.

Dave said...

you work at the circus?

zman said...

The rodeo, actually.

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