My Wife and I Agree on How Not To Lose Your Shit

When I go to the gym, I leave my wallet and cell-phone in the glove compartment of my car because I think that there is a greater chance of my gym locker being broken into rather than my run-of-the-mill gray Toyota min-van, and I asked my wife what she does, and she uses the same strategy . . . for the same exact reason (though she drives our run-of-the-mill Subaru) and since my wife and I rarely agree on questions of logic, I am guessing that we are doing the smart thing for this scenario.


Unknown said...

This is a very smart strategy. Much smarter, in fact, than telling everyone on the internet where to find your wallet and keys.


Dave said...

did i mention that i drive a gray mini-van? i'm pretty sure that there's fifty or sixty of them in the gym parking lot every time i go.

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