Percentage Breakdown of the First Season of 24

I know I'm a bit behind the times, but I finally finished the first season of the acclaimed TV series 24, and I've computed the exact percentages of all the major tropes and themes . . . here they are:

22% suspense;

14% drama;

16% suspenseful drama;

11% gratuitous Elisha Cuthbert footage;

0% jokes;

5% chasing;

17% hiding;

0% giggling;

10% amnesia . . . seriously, amnesia;

4% furrowing;

7% peeking;

0% Commedia dell'arte.


zman said...

I forgot that Elisha Cuthbert existed but this post, particularly the photo, refreshed my memory and I now plan to watch season 1 of 24 again. I think that's the season where she was held hostage while wearing a precariously small halter top and had to run and jump a lot.

Dave said...

your memory serves you well. i can't decide if i'm going to watch any more of it -- suspenseful, but really short on the jokes . . .

zman said...

For what it's worth, after season 1 Elisha Cuthbert wore much less precarious shirts and didn't run or jump much at all.

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