Nerding It Up, Tolkien Style

My son Alex, who is in 4th grade, recently finished reading The Hobbit, and he's now deep into the first book of Lord of the Rings trilogy -- and while I must admit this is some impressive and precocious reading, the fact that he's also going to be Legolas for Halloween gives me some cause for concern . . . thank God he's athletic.


zman said...

I read The Hobbit at around that age because I saw the cartoon movie on TV. Then I tried to read the LOR books and failed halfway through the first. Good for him if he can make it through Mordorous morass of crazy names and random references.

Dave said...

my friend told me that if he can make it through "the council of elrond" chapter, then he might be able to do it. that one's supposed to be a killer -- thirty pages of long names, songs, and weird history.

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