Silver Screen vs. Silver Book

I was thoroughly entertained by the dysfunctional crew in David O'Russell's movie Silver Linings Playbook -- despite the fact that my wife was obsessing a bit on the differences between the book and the movie (and, of course, in her opinion the book is much better) -- so I had to tell her to stop making comparisons and contrasts, because she was f*@#ing up the juju of the movie for me, and I just wanted her to sit and watch and enjoy it and spend some quality time with me on the couch, eating crabby snacks and home-mades, not saying anything to disturb the good vibe that we had going . . . and eventually, she was able to settle back and relax and enjoy it, and -- of course-- everything turned out great in the end.


zman said...

I'm surprised you liked the movie. I thought it was painfully predictable.

Catpell said...

it certainly was, but you don't watch it for the plot -- i really enjoyed the acting, and the "reverse juju" scene with jennifer lawrence.

Catpell said...

and apparently i am commenting under my wife's moniker.

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