It's a Great Time for Wealth Inequality and Music

Unemployment is high and the the environment is going to hell in a handbasket, but if you like music, then times couldn't be better: I heard a snippet of some rhythmic Latin jazz on WBGO  Wednesday morning, but didn't hear who the artist was . . . and forgot about it until Thursday, and then I went to WBGO's web-site and found the playlist and learned that it was an Eddie Palmieri song called "Listen Up" and so I popped that into Spotify (which now streams at my workplace) and I was suddenly immersed in some phenomenal Latin jazz by an artist I had never heard before . . . this is a vast improvement over the methods we used when I was a kid (putting a cassette in the boom box, and then racing to the radio to hit record whenever a good song came on) and while I know there are folks that will lament the loss of the mixed-tape or the album . . . or even the investment of paying for a record, which forced you to really listen to it, I still prefer the magic of the internet over those antiquated auditory customs (and I'm sure there are those hi-fi purists who hate the fact that most music is listened to on crappy computer speakers these days).


zman said...

Not sure I understand the parenthetical, but it's worth getting decent speakers or your computer. Music doesn't always sound right through earbuds or standard laptop speakers.

Whitney said...

Weren't you just ragging The The a day or two ago? Hypocrite.

Dave said...

the parenthetical wasn't explained very well, but even though i have some nice stereo speakers, i never use them because they are hooked to a CD player -- i should figure out how to connect them to my computer. and i was ragging on their name, which is very silly.

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