Dave Learns Something! Maybe Even Two Things!

Although I am a self-proclaimed Master of Vocabulary, every so often a student stumps me with a word (and I'm not talking about slang . . . I learn slang from the kids all the time -- my favorite new term this year is "ratchet") but last week I learned about word that's in the actual dictionary that I never dreamed exist -- a girl in my Creative Writing class wrote a poem about working in a shoe-store (she actually works in a shoe-store) and she used the word "brannock," and apparently a brannock is the device used to measure someone's shoe size.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the neologism 'cunt punt'.

Clarence said...

I learned some British slang yesterday from and Englishman who lives in Virginia. I was unfamiliar with the term "tadger" until he used it in conversation. Look it up.

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