Big Announcement!

I loved our vacation in southern Vermont so much that I have convinced my family to abandon their hectic central Jersey lives and move with me to the Green Mountains -- and, of course, we will be living off the grid, growing our own granola and tofu, sugaring our own maple syrup, and doing without the internet . . . so no more Sentence of Dave, instead I will be keeping a daily journal, and I will write this journal with a quill pen, on hand-made vellum, and I will lock this journal in a wooden chest, which I will bury under our sugar-shack, and long after I am dead and gone, perhaps someone will exhume it, read it, and enjoy my posthumous wisdom.


Marls said...

Article in the NYT yesterday that said scientists think climate change will make Vermont inhospitable to maple trees. You might need to move to Canada.

zman said...

Dave hates Canada.

Dave said...

april fools! i will remain in new jersey just so i can bitch and whine on this blog every day.

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