Transitions? WTF!

Last week, my wife texted me the following message "U need to pick up the boys from your parents' house on the way home; I took out meat meat for tacos for dinner" and I told her I would pick up the kids and then I chastised her for not using a transition between two very different ideas -- thus creating an abrupt non sequitur of a message -- and I sent this message despite receiving advice NOT to send it from the women in the English office . . . because I thought it was humorous, but my wife thought it was "kind of annoying" and so I suppose that transitions are unnecessary in texts and I won't bring it up again (and of course, my wife used a period, not a semi-colon, in her text but I don't want to ruin the integrity of Sentence of Dave and so I made that slight adjustment . . . I apologize to all parties for being "kind of annoying").


rob said...

that last sub-sentence echoes across the decades.

Anonymous said...

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zman said...

Dave is annoying like a hemorrhoid.

Clarence said...

Did Dave discussing his wife's period, his colon, tacos, and taking his meat out result in the hemorrhoid comment?

Dave said...

hemorrhoid bots love sentence of dave.

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