Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country, Ask When You Can Take A Nap

I guess it's okay for a President to be a tee-totaller-- although I know I would need a beer or seven after a long day of diplomacy at the G8 Summit-- but the fact that Mitt Romney doesn't drink coffee precludes him from the top spot in The White House, in my book, because how do you make it through something like the Cuban Missile Crisis without a little caffeine?


zman said...

Is that a legitimate crisis?

Squeaky said...

I don't drink coffee or tea. So the only jolt I get is from energy drinks.

Mitt will probably be sponsored by Rock Star to help with his dull personality and give him all the energy he needs. Or let one of his 27 wives handle it ... /s

Dave said...

i think all caffeinated drinks are banned by the mormon church, plus the president can't be walking around with a can of rock star.

Squeaky said...

All the Mormons I know take Ritalin.

And Obama has his own energy drink.

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