There Is More Than One Female Singer Hailing From Canada

A few days ago the Final Jeopardy! answer was "THE BESTSELLING ALBUM OF ALL TIME BY A FEMALE IS A 20 MILLION SELLER BY THIS WOMAN WHO STARTED SINGING AT AGE 8 IN ONTARIO" and I confidently yelled "Who is Celine Dion!"-- pleased that I knew she was from Canada-- and all three Jeopardy contestants also wrote down "Who is Celine Dion?" but we were unanimously wrong . . . the answer is Shania Twain, and so once again, I realize Canada is more deserving of my attention and care.


Squeaky said...

Um, Alanis Morissette would like a word with you. She was born in Ontario and her album Jagged Little Pill sold 33 million copies. Don't know if she started singing at the age of 8 though.

Dave said...

i ignore alanis morissette because she confuses irony with coincidence.

zman said...

You oughta know.

Whitney said...

Embarrassed to say I knew the Shania Twain answer, despite not having any of her music.

A pair of Did You Know tidbits on the Alanis song "You Oughta Know":

(1) Dave Navarro and Flea re-arranged the music for Alanis Morissette and performed on the song. One of the better songs they recorded, considering One Hot Minute.

(2) The song is about Dave Coulier, the doofy, unfunny uncle from "Full House."

Danimal said...


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