It's Not Like I'm Trying To Be A Gymnast

So for those of you anxiously awaiting my decision regarding the Trilemma of Dave, I actually rested my injured knee, and I have been wearing my orthotics, which has really helped my plantar fasciitis . . . so this Sunday I was able to return to the soccer field-- with one wrinkle: I did no stretching whatsoever before I played . . . I read some recent research that suggests that static stretching actually weakens muscles, and I always thought when you were injured that you should do a lot of stretching, but I've given up on that philosophy-- not that I ever did that much stretching to begin with-- and I had no problems on the field, and both my legs and my feet felt good after the game, so this makes me very happy, because I find stretching really really boring (so now the question is, do I forego stretching when I am coaching kids? . . . I think we will warm-up and do some sport specific exercises before we play, but no more of the tedious circling up and stretching as a group).


Squeaky said...

I'm in the no static stretching camp before doing exercise of any kind. But don't forget to stretch after you play/run that is the key.

Dave said...

what are the benefits to that?

Squeaky said...

It can help increase flexibility which is good for us over the hill types.

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