Exciting Technological Times

I am excited to announce that we have a new printer/scanner (but I am loath to admit that it is still inside the box it was delivered in . . . it's been sitting on the kitchen table in that box for nearly two weeks, and though each and every day I announce, "We're going to set up the scanner today!" we never seem to get around to it . . . and my worry is that if I don't do it soon, it is going to become obsolete).


zman said...

Please make a video recording of this process and post it here.

Dave said...

how to not use a scanner.

Roselia Mangione said...

Then get off your chair, and start on it! Believe me, the best way to combat procrastination is actually getting up and doing whatever it is that needs doing. I’m pretty sure that, at some point, you got up to install your printer. So, how has the new printer been?

Roselia Mangione

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