Pimples: Then and Now

When I was a teenager, pimples were the bane of my existence-- high school was already socially taxing enough, without having to face the day with a pus-filled whitehead on your face-- but now I view pimples differently . . . on the rare occasion that I get one, I am pleased that my body still has enough oil to generate such a youthful excrescence . . . I think it must indicate that I'm well preserved and my body still has plenty of grease to lubricate the joints, and though this logic may be completely erroneous, I'm not going to bother to check and see if my diagnosis is credible.


zman said...

It could simply mean that you're a greasy old dude.

Marls said...

The other day I had a pimple in my eyebrow. It hurt like the dickens.

Dave said...

when you say "hurt like the dickens" it means you are old.

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