Music Cures The Existential Blues

As I sit here grading papers and listening to Grant Green, I realize that my Jeep's broken car stereo-- which has not worked for several months now-- may be having severe implications on my mood . . . every morning, on my drive to work, I am alone with my shitty thoughts, my raspy voice, my tuneless whistling, and my lame drumming on the steering wheel-- which is no way to start the day-- but then, of course, this is how people spent most of their time before the technological revolution: listening to the sounds around them, or perhaps grunting and banging to break the silence, but usually alone with their shitty thoughts . . .  so it's no wonder Hobbes described the life of man as "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short" . . . he needed an iPod.


Squeaky said...

Just buy one of those cheap ipod speaker systems and strap it into the passenger seat. Tunes in the car and instant distraction while you drive.

Dave said...

i guess that's what i have to do-- because i keep telling myself i'm going to try to fix the stereo, but i never do (once i'm out of the car, it doesn't seem like much of a problem).

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