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 My wife and I were walking up the stairs, to put the kids to bed, when we heard a civilized discussion emanating from the bathroom-- and this stopped us in our tracks because we've never heard our kids having a civilized discussion anywhere, let alone the bathroom (which is usually a place of mayhem, chaos, and poorly aimed urine); Alex asked Ian "which character in the movie he liked the best" and Ian said he liked the eleven year old with glasses and Alex informed him that he was "the main character" and then Alex said he liked "the old guy who kept giving the kids clues" and Ian politely asked Alex why he liked him . . . and Catherine and I exchanged a tacit glance, both of us impressed by our cultured and refined children . . . and  then the two of them walked out of the bathroom and Ian was still wearing jeans and a t-shirt but Alex was butt-naked, and when we saw him, my wife and I laughed at the incongruity of the dialogue and the nudity and Alex also realized how funny the tableau looked and so he started running around-- bare-assed-- shrieking and yelling like a savage, and Ian (though still fully clothed) followed suit.


Donna said...

Hey Dave,

Was the movie they were so culturally discussing "Harry Potter"...curious.

Dave said...

actually it's one of the worst movies ever put on film (it actually stars roddy piper).

it's called "the mystical adventures of billy owens."

they love the harry potter movies, but they also seemed to love this piece of crap.

Dave said...

i actually just overused the word actually.

Donna said...

funny. I showed a clip from Harry Potter, Chamber of Secrets, to my OT class on Tuesday to ask them if they thought it (Dumbledore's words) were prophetic!

our kids LOVE's like our alternative universe. Star Wars used to be, but it's been supplanted.

zman said...

At least they weren't discussing an adult film they stumbled across in the DVD player.

Dave said...

that would be some creepy "adult" film.

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