Where Were You When You Didn't Feel The Earthquake?

I missed my big chance to feel the earth shake to the tune of 5.8 on the Richter scale because I was in the ocean supervising five children in a melee on an inflatable turtle . . . and when I got out of the water and my wife told me her beach chair shook for ten seconds, I didn't believe her-- because I didn't want to believe that I was gypped out of my big chance to feel a genuine earthquake . . . but at least I got some taste of disaster week: I bailed water all night from my flooded basement.


zman said...

Just watch godfather ii next time. And call a waterproofer.

Dave said...

we lost the water battle-- it was coming up from the shower and finally overwhelmed us. the basement now has nearly a foot of water. yuk.

Anonymous said...


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