Am I A Narcissist?

I always assumed I was a narcissist (exhibit A: this blog) but perhaps I am wrong; Jennifer Senior's article "The Benjamin Button Election" defines a narcissist as someone "impatient, vainglorious, easily insulted, and aggrieved: they'd never dream of making sacrifices on anyone else's behalf, unless it simultaneously advanced an agenda of their own" and I don't really think that describes me at all-- I am certainly not easily insulted and aggrieved, and I sacrifice plenty for my kids . . . but to make sure of this, I took an Online Narcissism Test and I scored a 13 out of 40, which is actually below the average score for an American (15) . . . but I wonder: does taking time to take an Online Narcissism Test automatically make you a narcissist?


rob said...

patton once said, 'when i think of the greatness of my job and realize that i am what i am, i am amazed, but on reflection, who is as good as i am?'

wonder what he'd score? i got a 9.

Dave said...

i just showed the patton speech to my shakespeare class-- he probably deserves to be a narcissist.

9 is weak-- you need to become more full of yourself.

C'est Moi said...

To aid your narcissism, I blogged about you today.

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