The Seven Ages of Friendship (Or Six . . . Whatever)

The older you get, the longer it takes to become friends with an acquaintance: kindergarteners at the park become friends in minutes . . . in elementary school all it takes is proximity . . . in middle school you need to have a common interest . . . high school students need charisma and patience in order to infiltrate a clique . . . in college friendship is ritualized into fraternity pledging and such, and now, as an adult with a job and kids, it seems as if it takes years to get to know someone new (and you pretty much need to work with them or have kids in common or play in an adult sports league or belong to a historical reenactment society together or something drastic like that).


zoltan said...

You should take a class. Suddenly it's like you're 9 years old again and it's ok to talk to people you don't know. A local butcher shop offers butchering classes, I may sign up to meet folks over meat.

Dave said...

that's a good idea in general, but i'm not sure i want to start hang around with a crowd interested in cutting up dead animals.

Simply Complex said...

How freakin' true!

Plus, you seem to miss having real friendships more as an adult that you would if you were a kid. At least I do.

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