Super Freaky

Superfreakonomics is just as entertaining as Levitt and Dubner's first book, but it's a bit more controversial-- amidst its "economic" analysis, it touches on the WHO's assessment of penis size in India, the dangers of drunk walking (better to drive), the declining price of oral sex, why you don't have to worry about global warming, why you don't have to worry about buckling your toddlers in car seats, and the first recorded case of monkey prostitution . . . and like Freakonomics, it is too short, but I think that is intended; hopefully, they will write another: nine big ass volcanoes out of ten.


rob said...

i can't remember the last thing dave panned. the grade inflation here makes harvard look like william & mary.

Dave said...

if it's bad, i stop reading it and it doesn't get a review. there aren't enough sentences for all the books i start but don't finish-- this is just a record of the ones i get all the way through. remember, i don't have cable television.

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