8/7/2009 Live from Sea Isle City

Some bad band names: 1) tonight in Sea Isle City at the Ocean Drive Bar (Fun Food and Music), "Burnt Sienna" is playing-- I suppose their name is in the same genre as Maroon 5, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Goldfinger, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Green Day, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Silverchair, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Crowes, Yellowcard, etc-- but I think they went for too obscure a shade 2) the other night at the Springfield Inn, Mike LeCompt opened with "Don't Pull Your Love," a groovy song from the seventies by a band that no one could properly name, and so I looked it up . . . and I can see why a one-hit wonder band who knew they were going to be a one-hit wonder band would want every member to get his or her due-- but it's not like they could predict the future, although with the name they chose they pretty much insured their future, but still, you'd think that the band would be more optimistic and at least try to come up with something catchier than Hamilton, Joe Frank, Reynolds & Reynolds (and though the second Reynolds isn't included on the youtube video, it is included on the Itunes MP3 version, which my cousin happened to have on his Ipod).


Whitney said...

It's good to know that I can convince you of anything just by editing entries in iTunes. On the mp3 I have for "Viva Las Vegas," for example, I could take 3 seconds and change it to "Viva Lost Bagels," then put it on my iPod and you would be telling people on this blog and in your classroom that all these years everyone has been assuming that Elvis's song was about a desert casino town but in truth it's about the misplacement of Jewish bread. Duly noted.

Anywhere, while there has never been an extra Reynolds in the band (typo on your cousin's iPod), it's certainly an odd band name. Joe Frank Carolla probably figured people would mispronounce his surname, so he went with "Joe Frank."

And if he thought it'd make people stop and take notice as something markedly different than Crosby, Stills, & Nash or Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, he was right. Here we are discussing it in 2009, some 37 years after their hit "Don't Pull Your Love" charted. And 19 years after Squirrel and I discovered the tune and the band name on a road trip from Williamsburg, VA to Hickory, NC in the summer of 1990 and had the same discussion. I'm sorry you weren't there to appreciate it then, but you went home for the summer to work for Mosquito Control or for Corrections or something decidedly weird.

Dave said...

stupid history repeats itself. weird about the extra reynolds. perhaps it's not a typo and there WAS an extra reynolds but they cut him out of the mix.

Whitney said...

There wasn't. There were two Hamiltons in the band at one point, never another Reynolds. And before they were Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds, they were called The T-Bones, which makes me chuckle because of Seinfeld.

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