The Top Ten Montral Expos

For no other reason than it has come up in conversation twice in so many months, here is my list of the top ten Montreal Expos:

1) Tim Wallach-- for his comment on summer in Canada: "I went 0 for four";
2) Gary Carter-- for the perm;

3) Tim Raines-- because doing a little blow won't keep you off this list;

4) Andres Galarraga-- for his nickname, El Gato;

5) Andre Dawson-- for being a triple crown contender year in and year out;

6) Otis Nixon-- like I said, a little blow won't keep you off this list;

7) Pete Rose -- he wasn't there long, but he did get his 4000th hit in Canada;

8) Al Oliver-- for the mustache;

9) Jeff Reardon-- for the beard;

10) Vladimir Guerrero -- for the talent and the Hispanic-Slavic name.


Whitney said...

Wait... didn't you post this exact sentence and picture over at Gheorghe a few weeks ago? This is a new low. Even for you.

Dave said...

i told you on gheorghe i was putting it up here. it's too good to waste, plus, i was too hungover to write a sentence this morning, so i'm posting it tomorrow.

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