Beach Injury #2

If you feel the need to sneak up on me, whether to knife me in the abdomen because I owe you money or to sting my leg (presupposing you are a greenhead fly) then I suggest you do the sneaking up on my left side (because I can't swivel my head fluidly to the left, I hurt my neck while running on the beach, or during doubles tennis, or swimming in the ocean or -- most likely-- sleeping on a soft and sloping beach house mattress).


Whitney said...

If I knife you in the abdomen, how am I ever going to get my money? I'm more likely to take a pinky.

zman said...

Greenhead flies are brutal, we stumbled into some sort of greenhead convention on Plum Island last year and it was miserable unless you were at the beach. You have my sympathy for once.

Dave said...

i get obsessed with killing them, it's all i can focus on when they are around. i let them land on my leg and start sucking, then I pounce. if often miss and give myself a charlie horse.

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