Send Lawyers, Guns, and Actors

The Supreme Court unanimously decided that an unloaded gun is still considered a "dangerous weapon" and possession of such during a theft means the crime is an armed robbery, but the possession of a toy gun is more ambiguous and I'd like to propose an amendment to the law: for a toy gun to be considered a dangerous weapon, the person who wields the gun needs to be an accomplished actor . . . if the criminal's acting ability is poor, then he should not be charged with armed robbery . . . but if Clint Eastwood waves a toy gun around, he should be considered armed and dangerous.


zman said...

But remarkably, loaded guns are not sufficiently dangerous to allow municipalities to require the use of trigger locks.

Lecky said...

I'm kind of grooving on the new English Tapas album, decide to google the title "Sleaford Mods". Sleaford, OK, easy enough, some dirt town in England. Now to Urban Dictionary for Mods - 1. MODS - small gang of local thugs in the 70s. Ok, that sounds right, but let me scroll down to the next definition:

To lick an object (such as a small plastic toy gun) and then stick it up your asshole.

"I was moding last night when my gun misfired, so I asked Eliot to finish me off."

Have not heard of #2 before let's have a Friday toast to innocuous searches on the web...

Dave said...

the who sang about the mods on Quadrophenia. i assume they meant #1 but you never know. i'm glad there's a verb for that so you don't have to describe the whole process every time you do it.

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