The Test 76: We've Got Places All Over the Place

I go rogue on this episode of The Test and cut out the ladies (just like college!) and design a quiz for my buddy Whitney, but the questions are general enough for everyone to answer and enjoy-- plus the ladies make a much needed cameo, breaking up the bromance-- so take a load off and listen and learn about a couple of genuine American adventurers, doing their best to navigate this wild and wonderful country of ours.


Lecky said...

I was not offended by this edition of the Test. Whit, I could see your ashes blown back onto Dave's hairy body though, would be appropriate for the pop culture reference alone!

Dave said...

i'm probably more donny than the dude. i am the walrus. i am the walrus.

Whitney said...

Listened through this and was heartily amused at our own brilliant idiocy.

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